2016-2017 Visiting Professors

August 23, 2016

Hemant Parmar, MD
Assistant Professor

Pediatric Radiology
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

"Imaging of Pediatric Brain Tumors"

"Imaging of Congenital Brain Malformations"
“Teaching cases in Neurology"


August 30, 2016

Paul Spicer, MD
Assistant Professor of Radiology
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY

“Cae Cpmference: Arthritis”
“Case Conference: Tumors”

"Case Conference: Trauma"


September 20, 2016

Joseph Pernicone, DO, PhD
Assistant Professor
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI

“MR Physics”
“MR Pulse Sequences”


September 27, 2016

Lisa (Lowe) Hutchinson, MD
Professor & Chair
University of Missouri -- Kansas City

Pediatric Radiologist

Children's Mercy Hospital & Clinics

“Pediatric Spine Sonography: Findings and Pitfalls”
“Pediatric Vascular Malformations: Update made simple”

"Pediatric Core Case Review"


October 4, 2016

Ishani Dalal, MD
Henry Ford Hospital

“Knock, Knock -- who is there?”

"Think outside of the box"


October 11, 2016

Eric Walker, MD
Associate Professor of Radiology
Penn State Hershey Medical Center

“Radiologic Evaluation of Soft Tissue Tumors”
"Fundamental Concepts of Bone Tumor Imaging”

"Case Conference -- Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors"


October 18, 2016

Matthew Zygmont, MD
Assistant Professor
Emory University Hospital

“CT Dose Optimization -- current tools and trends”
“Imaging Approach to Neurovascular Emergencies”

"Case Review of Blunt and Penetrating Trauma"


October 25, 2016

Daniel Myers, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Division Head Abdominal Imaging
Henry Ford Hospital

Detroit, MI

“Imaging of the Bariatric Surgery Patient”
“Hysterosalpingography with Cross-Sectional Correlation/Imaging findings of Illicit Glueteal Augmentation”

"Case Conference"


November 1, 2016

Clayton Trimmer, DO, MS
Professor of Radiology
UT Southwestern Medical Center
"Image Guided Management of Genitourinary Pathology"
"Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia"

"Case Conference"


February 7, 2017

Brian Goldstein, DO
Fairfax Radiological Consultants
"Carniocervical Arterial Dissection"
"Pediatric Stroke"
"Case Conference"


February 14, 2017

Prachi Agarwal, MD
University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI
"Approach to HRCT and recent advances"

"In a heartbeat"

"Case Conference"


February 21, 2017

Lodewijk van Holsbeeck, MD
Radiology, Michigan State University
Joseph Pernicone, DO, PhD

Radiology, Michigan State University
"Ultrasound of the Pediatric Hip"
"MSK Case Review"
"Basics of MRI Protocolling"

"MRI of Hemorrhage"


February 28, 2017

Kristine Mosier, DMD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Radiology
Chief & Fellowship Director, Head & Neck Imaging

Indiana University

Bloomington, IN
"Oral Cavity and Oropharyngeal Infection and Inflammation"
"Oral Cavity and Oropharyngeal Neoplasm"
"Head & Neck Review Cases"


March 7, 2017

Tomy Kalapparambath, MD
Flint, Michigan
"Nuclear Cardiology Review I"
"Nuclear Cardiology Review II"
"Nuclear Medicine Cases: Interactive Review"


March 14, 2017

Alexis Nees, MD
Associate Professor
Division of Breast Radiology

University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI
"Digital Breast Tomosynthesis: What, Why, & How"
"Leopards to Zebras: Interesting & Challenging Cases in Breast Imaging"
"Evaluation of the Post-Surgical Breast"

"Case Conferences fo Residents"


March 21, 2017

Joseph Pernicone, DO, PhD
Assistant Professor of Radiology
Michigan State University

East Lansing, MI
"Imaging in Dementia"


March 28, 2017

Brent Little, MD
Assistant Professor
Emory University
"Cardiovascular Causes of Chest Pain: Beyond Coronary Stenosis Evaluation"
"Bronchiectasis: Common, Uncommon, and Rare Causes; A Case-Based Review"

"Interstitial Lung Disease and Smoking Related Lung Disease: Update and Case-Based Review"


April 4, 2017

James Costello, MD. PhD
Director of Medical Imaging Fellowships
Assistant Professor of Medical Imaging

University of Arizona
"Non-Contrast MR Imaging for Patients Presenting to the ER with Acute Abdominal Pain"
"Acute Allergic Reactions to Gadolinium Contrast Agents"
"Hepatobiliary MR Imaging Case Conference"


April 11, 2017

Bruno Policeni, MD, MBA

Clinical Associate PRofessor

University of Iowa

Iowa City, IA

"Skull Base Anatomy and Pathology"

"Neuroradiology Case Conference"

"Head & Neck Spaces and the Utility of CT Guided Biopsies"